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Now that's a yacht of fudge! ...and other goodies too.

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Chocolate Covered Pretzels
These delicious and beautifully decorated chocolate covered pretzels are just the right combination of salty and sweet.  You will enjoy this generous portion of pretzels wrapped in a clear gift bag.
Cinnamon Glazed Nut Three Pack
An assortment of our delicious roasted and cinnamon glazed nuts. Three generous sections are divided between glazed pecans, glazed almonds, glazed cashews. This makes an awesome gift!
Fudge & Nut Combo
An excellent gift for sharing both our creamy fudge and our delicious glazed nuts.  Start by choosing two of our fudge flavors and we'll add a generous 3 partition tray of cinnamon glazed pecans, cashews, and almonds.
Chocolate Dipped Nuts
Delicious chocolate dipped peanut and/or cashew nut clusters.
Fudge Kissing Turtles
Caramel and pecans smothered in our delicious chocolate fudge makes a perfect gift.  It gets even better when we include two of these "kissing turtles" in a gorgeous holiday box.  You're sure to get a kiss from your sweetie for sending these yummy treats.
Gourmet Caramel Corn with Chocolate Dipped Nuts
Our gourmet popcorn is popped fresh, caramelized, and infused with chocolate dipped peanuts.  A decadent treat.
Deluxe Gift Tower
The Deluxe Holiday Tower is our sweetest gift yet.  The Tower starts with a generous helping of our gourmet caramel corn tossed with chocolate covered peanuts.  Next comes a combination of chocolate dipped nuts and pretzels.  We top it off by adding four flavors of our famous fudge.  These delicious items are offered in a gorgeous tower of boxes that are sure to impress anyone on your list.
Tower of Treats
The Tower of Treats is a beautiful gift.  The Tower starts with four flavors of our famous fudge.  We add a delicious fudge, caramel, and pecan turtle.  Finally, we top it off with a chocolate shark's tooth!  These delicious items are offered in a gorgeous tower of boxes that are sure to impress anyone on your list.  

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